Who We Are

Founded in 2010, AtlasFX is a privately-held cloud-based software company with offices in San Francisco, California and Dublin, Ireland.

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What we do

Our software is utilized by Treasury departments within Fortune 1000 companies who are looking to optimize their Balance Sheet and Cash-Flow hedging programs. Atlas has experienced double-digit revenue growth year over year and our client satisfaction rate is 100%.

Domain Expertise

Treasury practitioners built, run, and maintain the software. They’ve sat on your side of the desk – your side of the chair!

OLAP Engine

At the AtlasFX core, is an On-Line Analytical Processing engine enabling users to analyze multidimensional data interactively from multiple perspectives.

'Real-Time' Analytics

Our system highlights all of the sources where the delta (between re-measurement and the offset hedge) is coming from.

Our Mission

Without visibility into the Transaction Currency Detail (TCD) within your Enterprise systems, many Treasury departments are “flying blind” throughout their hedging process. We have designed a cloud-based based analytics engine – AtlasFX – that makes the extraction of this information quick and easy.

The AtlasFX difference

Our solution synthesizes the quality information from your disparate Enterprise systems so you’re able to utilize real-time analytics. With AtlasFX, you now have the correct information at the right time BEFORE important hedging decisions need to be made.