AtlasFX has a number of modules to cater for your company’s needs


Imports trial balance details from any ERP system. Information includes Balance Sheet data for natural accounts that are set to re-measure where the transaction currency is not equal to the functional currency of the entity. We also provide Income Statement details when the transaction currency does NOT equal the reporting currency.

How to Measure Success in Your Cash Flow Hedging Program

Imports FX data from the Treasury Management System (TMS). Data includes spot / forward rates, traded currency amount, inverse currency amount, trade designation and trade type. Aggregates data by date trade, maturity date, entity, trade ID, currency pair, counterparty and trade designation. Provides drill down capability to the individual FX contract.


Imports FX rates from a number of sources. Rates include month-end accounting rates, average P&L rates, planning rates, spot rates and forward rates. Generates cross currency rates for all currency pairs. Rates can be viewed as source-based, target-based or market convention-based. Calculations include month-on-month % change in rates, quarter-on-quarter % change in rates and year-on-year % change in rates.

  • Our module is flexible enough to optimize your existing program or improve upon it if required.
  • AtlasFX can start with the Balance Sheet from the previous month-end, and forecasts Income Statement and accrual items to occur by month-end, developing a comprehensive and accurate estimate of your month-end Balance Sheet.
  • Functionality includes: Exposure Actuals, Forecasting, Trade Recommendation, Trade Check Analytics, and Metrics.
  • AtlasFX provides detailed information on your FX results to the penny
    • Balance Sheet results are segmented into buckets: Spot Trading Impact, Forecast Deviation, Forward Points, and Booking Errors.
  • Ability to configure custom reports for company-wide distribution.

Applies to corporates who are local currency functional (not USD) in international subsidiaries. Inefficiencies arise when trading as the corporate has multiple cross-currency (non-USD based) trades to perform.


Provides an up-to-date snapshot of current and future risk so you can understand the potential impact on earnings.

Exposure and Hedged Amount in $M

Utilizes currency volatility and covariance data in tandem with individual currency hedge costs to calculate the most efficient hedge ratios.

  • While AtlasFX can accommodate any hedging environment, this module allows you to adopt a “best in breed” program that melds with a forward-looking Balance Sheet hedging program.
  • Functionality includes: Trade recommendations, Analytics, and Metrics.
  • This module provides detailed information on your FX results to the penny
    • Explains your Income Statement results to Business Units in a repeatable format (i.e. accounting versus planning rate impacts).
  • Ability to configure custom reports for company-wide distribution

Want to know more? Read our paper: How to Measure Success in Your Cash Flow Hedging Program

All modules come with standardized reports that can be easily customized by users using the drag and drop functionality. An excel interface allows users to manipulate data in excel while maintaining live links to the AtlasFX® database. Graphing of time series data and cross sectional data provided via the AtlasFX web interface or via the excel interface.