A window into existing exposures

An enterprise wide view into all of your FX and Commodity exposures across every ERP system company-wide.

Aggregates exposures across all entities and currencies with drill down capability to the account level.

Executive dashboard capabilities

Our solution is flexible enough to fit within your existing process OR we can provide a new framework to collect and validate exposure forecasts

Provides detailed results down to a penny.

Integrates with your trading platform (i.e. Bloomberg, FX-ALL, 360T, etc.) for trade execution.

Calculates hedge + risk determination

Performs Value at Risk (VaR) analysis on a pre-hedge and post-hedge basis for all programs at selected confidence intervals.

Combines aggregated exposures and FX trades outstanding to advise trades.

Triangulates exposures to reduce the number of trades while recommending trades in the most liquid currency pairs.

Ability to forecast future exposures

We can integrate Cash Flow with Balance Sheet forecasts if you desire.

Provides an Excel interface to collect forecasts across the globe with the ability to import them into AtlasFX.

Aggregates forecasts by entity and exposure currency.

Provides a historical view of actual data to validate forecasts.