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Intelligent FX Data

Our comprehensive data services help corporations automate, aggregate, and streamline manual data operations providing you with the holistic intelligence required to optimize FX programs and reduce risk.


The AtlasFX technology solution will automatically import and integrate all your transaction data from Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), Treasury Management System (TMS) or any other data sources, even various Excel spreadsheets. Even if your ERPs or TMS are different vendors, versions or instances, our platform will seamlessly capture and aggregate all the data into one tool.

AtlasFX also integrates with third-party data providers and imports FX rates from multiple sources. Rates include month-end accounting rates, average P&L rates, planning rates, spot rates and forward rates.


AtlasFX, is treasury’s most comprehensive analytics software engine. Our powerful solution offers advanced currency risk analytics that allow treasury and FX teams to achieve proactive control over their exposures.

By analyzing multi-source integrated data, users can calculate real-time snapshots of current and future FX risks and identify potential earnings impacts. Our analysis also makes detailed trade recommendations by currency so you can proactively and predictably make the right decisions for your strategies. This intelligence allows you to reduce, eliminate and overall control FX volatility.


With the ability to extract over 25M lines of data, AtlasFX automates the process of identifying erroneous data exceptions at all levels – from the account level all the way down to the transaction and user-level details. With our unique data-mining capabilities, clients identify and act upon exceptions proactively.


Executives and managers consistently seek real-time intelligence about their business to make effective and informed decisions about their FX strategy.

Interactive dashboards and visualization tools effortlessly deliver insights that are intuitive, informative, innovative and actionable. Easily customizable using drag and drop functionality, clients can review and drill-down FX exchange and P&L volatility.

Data – What you need, how you need it, when you need it.

AtlasFX provides complete visibility FX data so Treasury practitioners can successfully do their jobs and take advantage of the opportunities traditionally hidden in trapped, irrelevant data.

ERP Data Types

  • Trial balance details
  • Balance sheet data set to re-measure
  • Income Statement details
  • TMS FX data

Rates Data Types

  • Month-end accounting rates
  • Daily or average P&L rates
  • Planning rates
  • Spot rates
  • Forward rates

TMS Data Types

  • FX data imports
  • Spot / forward rates
  • Traded currency amount
  • Inverse currency amount
  • Trade designation
  • Trade type

Data Security

Physical controls around data access in the Tier 3 graded data facility, include the following:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Employee, contractor and
  • Mantrap guarded access
  • Data access control and privileged user monitoring
  • Dedicated secure server storage
  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001, SSAE Type II

AtlasFX is a Member of SAP’s PartnerEdge Program

Atlas offers SAP integration to AtlasFX customers that is simple to setup and requires very little maintenance. The integration is completely customer configurable, both in method ( client controlled or automated ) and frequency ( daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand ). The SAP integration from Atlas insures that your FX exposure data is accurate and up-to-date.

Starbucks Built Best-In-Class Risk Management Program.

starbucks coffee

"AtlasFX has not only provided a technical solution to FX exposure visibility but provides access to a team of professionals dedicated to building a best-in-class risk management program."

EA Significantly Reduced the Impact of FX Market Volatility.

ea sports

"AtlasFX allows EA to rapidly analyze our global FX exposures at the entity and currency level. As a result, we’re able to build a more holistic hedging strategy that captures a broader set of FX exposures, ultimately allowing us to significantly reduce the impact of FX market volatility."

Celgene Gained Better Visibility in Half the Time, After Previous Vendor Solution Failed.


"We were able to implement AtlasFX within three months to replace our Excel-based Balance Sheet FX exposure management tool after an unsuccessful implementation with another vendor. The amount of time managing exposures is reduced by 50% with significantly improved visibility to global exposures."

Redhat Sees AtlasFX as an Extension of Their Treasury Team.


"AtlasFX has helped us better analyze the results and impact of our FX Hedging Program. In addition, the dedication and effort from the AtlasFX team to help us create the best program possible, has been invaluable. It’s more than getting access to a technology tool, AtlasFX has helped us extend our team."