October 26, 2017

Partnership Offers Industry’s Only Complete FX Risk and Cash Management Treasury Solution

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Partnership Offers Industry’s Only Complete FX Risk and Cash Management Treasury Solution

San Francisco, CA – August 14, 2017 – AtlasFX, the leading provider in FX risk management solutions, today announced that AtlasFX and Kyriba have entered into a strategic partnership to offer the industry’s only complete FX Risk and Cash Management treasury solution. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to offer Kyriba’s Treasury Management System and our FX risk management solution in tandem. Over the past 12 months, we’ve grown our client base by 50% and working with Kyriba will allow us to continue our strong marketplace momentum.” said Jonathon Tunney, CEO of AtlasFX.

AtlasFX customers are Treasury departments within Global 5000 companies that are looking to optimize their Balance Sheet and Cash Flow hedging programs. Only Atlas provides corporates total visibility into all of their transactional currency flows for both their income statement and balance sheet. Kyriba clients that enable AtlasFX will now have the ability identify all sources of FX volatility within a Balance Sheet or Cash Flow Hedging program, with the help of AtlasFX real-time reporting and user-defined dashboards.

“Having this information at your fingertips significantly improves forecasting accuracy and makes the hedging results easy to understand” added Tunney.

Atlas not only obtains the Transactional Currency Data (TCD) from an ERP system, but also highlights and reconciles all of the sources of pre-hedge and post-hedge FX volatility.

“If you are a Kyriba client with material unexplained volatility in your FX hedging programs, AtlasFX can solve these pain points” added Tunney.

Part of the combined Risk and Cash Management offering will include an API between the AtlasFX solution and Kyriba, allowing information to flow seamlessly between the systems.

For more information on how AtlasFX can help you optimize, automate, and advance your hedging strategies, visit us online at www.atlasfx.com or email us at info@atlasfx.com.

AtlasFX, treasury’s most comprehensive analytics software engine, was founded in 2010 to help treasury and financial teams intelligently scale and optimize their FX and commodities hedging strategies. By providing access to exposure data and real-time analytics, the cloud-based solution enables corporations to achieve a holistic approach to managing and improving their balance sheet and cash flow hedging programs.

Utilized by Global 5000 companies, AtlasFX has experienced double-digit revenue growth year over year and our client satisfaction rate is 100%. Committed to delivering a client-first experience, AtlasFX partners with clients such as Starbucks, HP Inc., Red Hat Software, Celgene, Electronic Arts, AGCO, Dolby Laboratories, Lam Research, and SunPower Solar.

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