Reducing FX Risk: The AtlasFX Vision

In our newest interview, Atlas Risk Advisory Inc. CFO and co-founder Scott Bilter tells NeuGroup CEO Joseph Neu how AtlasFX allows risk managers to see a combined, full picture of their FX and commodity exposures and hedges.

NeuGroup Interview: Empowering FX Data Masters

In this video, NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu interviews AtlasFX’s Scott Bilter, co-founder and CFO to discuss data analytics that help treasury, FP&A, and accounting teams optimize balance sheet and cash flow hedging programs. 

Balance Sheet Results Analytics

Discussion of all the sources of monthly balance sheet hedging results variance, breaking down the details of the difference between the balance sheet hedging gains/losses and the remeasurement losses/gains the hedges are meant to offset.

Cash Flow Results Analytics

Discussion of the sources of variance in a cash flow hedging program, building a bridge back to the relevant company plans that drive business metrics, and identifying the volume and rate drivers that are the sources of variance to these plans.

ERP Data Aggregation

Discussion on how to extract and validate the relevant FX data from your ERP system(s), as well as how to identify and fix common issues such as ghost balances and analyzing the relevant weighted average rates in a daily accounting rate environment.

Transaction Cost Analysis

Discussion on how corporates can dig deeper into their FX trading transaction costs, allowing them to quantify what their banking partners are making on their trades, breaking down the arrival-to-execution drift, bid-ask spread, and skewness details.

Balance Sheet Forecasting

Discussion of some of the most common challenges and pitfalls of forecasting a company’s balance sheet exposure, how this is impacted by the company’s accounting rate methodology, as well as the pros and cons of different approaches.

FX Special: Scott Bilter – Principal and owner at Atlas Risk Advisory | Episode 91

With Scott Bilter, Principal and owner @AtlasFX.