• Free online FX trading costs and risk tool

    Atlas offers the AtlasFX Trade Triangulation Tool as a way to introduce prospective customers to Atlas’ technology expertise. Users securely enter their currency exposure details and email contact information. Following the submission, a results email is sent within one minute.

  • New: The Definitive Guide to FOREX Risk Management Strategies

    AtlasFX’s guide outlines some of the many things that can go wrong when it comes to forex risk management.

  • No pain. Everything to gain.

    Whether you are using an automated system or are in spreadsheet agony, our Implementation Success experts work closely with you to alleviate any switching pain from your current processes. With AtlasFX, you start automating and optimizing your entire FX program right away. 

  • Affordable. Flexible. Reliable.

    AtlasFX delivers best-practice FX risk management solutions that are easy to implement, afford, and are easily customized.

  • Simple solutions for every strategy.

    Whether you are just implementing a hedging program or you are looking to further optimize your existing processes, we can configure AtlasFX to meet your specific needs.

  • The right information at the right time.

    AtlasFX provides visibility into FX data when and how it matters most so you can manage risk proactively and accurately. We extract only the relevant ERP data and combine it with the most accurate forecasts.

  • More than software

    We are your peers and partners.  Designed by FX risk managers for FX risk managers, AtlasFX supports your hedging programs in the Cloud with greater efficiency, intelligence, and accuracy.

Purpose-built to Comprehensively
Solve your End-to-End FX Challenges

AtlasFX is the industry’s only all-in-one platform that helps you Access, Analyze, React to and Visualize your global currency risk.


Access and integrate disparate data from ERP systems, spreadsheets, Treasury Management Systems, and other FP&A systems for comprehensive FX and Commodity exposure transparency.


Understand how FX volatility is impacting your business so you can improve forecast accuracy, hedge results, and reconcile your balance sheet.


Designed to simplify the FX risk management lifecycle, our solution enables you to make solid, confident decisions that reduce volatility in a timely manner.


Real-time reporting and user-defined dashboards make it easy to understand and communicate currency impact results.

Leaders in FX risk management.
The proof is in the numbers.

Our extensive hands-on experience has helped companies of all sizes worldwide overcome their FX challenges.

Years of Experience

Years of combined corporate treasury and FX risk management being leveraged to develop every solution

Custom Reports

Custom reports created every month for clients, assisting them with forecasting, trading, hedging strategy improvement, month end results analysis, and other FX related insights.


Man-hours saved every year by clients using AtlasFX through automation and optimization of their FX risk management.

Lines of Data

Lines of transaction level data processed for clients every month, highlighting any currency related anomalies that can be corrected before month-end close.

AtlasFX is a Member of SAP’s PartnerEdge Program

Atlas offers SAP integration to AtlasFX customers that is simple to setup and requires very little maintenance. The integration is completely customer configurable, both in method ( client controlled or automated ) and frequency ( daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand ). The SAP integration from Atlas insures that your FX exposure data is accurate and up-to-date.

Starbucks Built Best-In-Class Risk Management Program.

starbucks coffee

"AtlasFX has not only provided a technical solution to FX exposure visibility but provides access to a team of professionals dedicated to building a best-in-class risk management program."

EA Significantly Reduced the Impact of FX Market Volatility.

ea sports

"AtlasFX allows EA to rapidly analyze our global FX exposures at the entity and currency level. As a result, we’re able to build a more holistic hedging strategy that captures a broader set of FX exposures, ultimately allowing us to significantly reduce the impact of FX market volatility."

Celgene Gained Better Visibility in Half the Time, After Previous Vendor Solution Failed.


"We were able to implement AtlasFX within three months to replace our Excel-based Balance Sheet FX exposure management tool after an unsuccessful implementation with another vendor. The amount of time managing exposures is reduced by 50% with significantly improved visibility to global exposures."

Redhat Sees AtlasFX as an Extension of Their Treasury Team.


"AtlasFX has helped us better analyze the results and impact of our FX Hedging Program. In addition, the dedication and effort from the AtlasFX team to help us create the best program possible, has been invaluable. It’s more than getting access to a technology tool, AtlasFX has helped us extend our team."