AtlasFX is a Complete SaaS Foreign Exchange Risk Management Solution

The AtlasFX SaaS platform combines our powerful and flexible technology with our unmatched FX risk management expertise.


ERP Exposure Capture

Rapidly capture and manage FX exposures


FX Forecast Improvement

Reduce FX forecast deviation significantly


Workflow Automation

Streamline FX risk management completely


FX Trading Optimization

Optimize all aspects of FX trading


Results Analytics

Confidently understand FX risks and hedging results


FX Accounting

Complete the forex risk management lifecycle with FX Accounting

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Our extensive hands-on experience has helped companies of all sizes worldwide manage their FX challenges effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Other Treasury solutions are inflexible, requiring the users to adapt to the vendor’s specific solution.  AtlasFX was built by corporate FX risk management practitioners who realize there are significant differences and needs for different companies (or even different needs within the same company).  We therefore created a flexible platform to tailor our FX risk management solution for each customer.  We do the work up front that other companies don’t want to do, to create an optimal FX risk management solution for each customer.

No, we are not really comparable to a TMS.  A TMS focuses more on the back end of the FX workflow, and may address non-FX related areas (such as cash management and bank settlements).  We have far more expertise in capturing and understanding the forex exposures that need to be hedged and providing the results analytics that show all the sources of variance. In addition, a TMS will not have the detailed ERP extraction that AtlasFX has, and certainly does not come with consulting included!

Yes, we can. While there tends to be a limit to how many ERPs it economically makes sense to “plug into” directly, we have many customers with a very high number of ERP instances. Our specialization is in automating manual processes, and in replacing the “army of spreadsheets” often used to support dozens of ERP reports. We can create hybrid solutions to access the right amount of information directly from select ERPs and the remaining information from different methods, consolidating it all into a single source of truth.

Yes, we can set it up the right way, that’s scalable for future growth. There are many ways companies can hedge their FX risk, however many are not optimal. We can establish your FX hedging policies, train you on a number of best practices (including FX trading) and build an efficient workflow that supports the ongoing hedging and analysis cadence. For small FX teams in particular, AtlasFX becomes an extended team member that will provide business continuity during periods of employee turnover.

Our customizable solutions are very affordable, especially for the value add in terms of both cost savings and risk reduction. We have saved our customers from billions of dollars in FX volatility, millions in unnecessary trading costs, and countless hours of manual work. We have happy customers that moved over from competitors who only do a subset of what we do, but have charged more. We have consolidated the work of multiple expensive vendors for much less and eliminated the need for expensive outside consultants. We offer an incredibly comprehensive solution, but only charge for the modules required by a company, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

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