Completely streamline FX risk management with AtlasFX

FX risk managers deal with numerous data sources, software platforms and error-prone spreadsheets that often do not work well together. AtlasFX integrates the entire FX risk management workflow.

FX Risk Management

FX risk management is highly complex –

With unique data requirements, dependencies and time constraints, forex management is complicated. FX risk managers often find themselves in a role of consolidating information from disparate data sources and spreadsheets in a frantic manner, to meet trading deadlines. With AtlasFX, Treasury teams get:

  • End-to-end solution for entire FX risk management workflow.
  • Excel integration – AtlasFX includes live database links in Excel.
  • APIs included – connectivity to all relevant data sources.
Key Features

Workflow Automation

End-to-end Solution


From initial FX exposure identification to the final FX analytics and accounting, AtlasFX covers the entire FX risk management workflow.

Excel Integration


Information flows easily between AtlasFX and Excel, as AtlasFX includes “in spreadsheet browser” capabilities that send and retrieve information to and from the database.

APIs Included


Many Treasury solution vendors charge additionally for API connectivity in order to automate data flow. With AtlasFX, these APIs are already included.

AtlasFX End-To-End FX Risk Management

End-to-end solution

Some Treasury vendors offer partial services when it comes to FX risk management challenges. However, the comprehensive AtlasFX solution is the only platform that supports and covers the entire end-to-end workflow.

  • First, AtlasFX captures the real time FX exposures from the ERP system(s), and layers in any relevant forecasted exposures.
  •  Secondly, AtlasFX then creates the optimized external and internal FX trades with supporting approval and audit workflow.
  • Finally, AtlasFX creates all the month-end FX results analytics and accounting details. For Treasury teams that want all their FX related data in one fully integrated FX risk management solution, AtlasFX is the clear choice.

For a more in-depth look at the FX risk management challenges the leading social media corporation, Twitter was trying to address and the reasons why they decided to switch from a vendor with limited capabilities to a comprehensive AtlasFX solution, read the case study “Leading Social Media Company on the Value of a customized FX hedging program”.

Excel Integration

There is no denying that the common language spoken within the field of finance is Excel, and treasury is no exception. Excel is useful in many ways, but it is often the default option for solving problems for which it is not ideally suited. While proper FX risk management demands capabilities to go well beyond the reasonable Excel functionality, it is also a requirement for an FX risk management solution to work seamlessly with the Excel application.

With AtlasFX, treasury teams can automatically send and retrieve data to and from Excel, with the “in spreadsheet browser” capability including live database links. This drastically reduces the time needed for consolidating forecasts, as well as manipulating and communicating FX results analytics at any level.

You want to have a solution that does what Excel doesn’t do well
AtlasFX APIs

APIs Included

FX risk management workflow requires a lot of information to move from one step of the process to the next. Converting information to .csv or .txt format to manually send data from one platform to another is a huge burden. This is best replaced with APIs wherever possible. AtlasFX excels at this communication, and unlike other vendors there is no extra charge when we create these important links that support the secure and accurate flow of information. Bottomline:

  •   No surprise charges.
  •   No partial solutions.
  •  Leverage a complete streamlined FX risk management solution.