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Atlas Risk Advisory – Leaders in FX Risk Management

Atlas Risk Management was founded in 2010 by former corporate treasury executives who understand foreign exchange and commodity risk management from the practitioner’s perspective. We understand the challenges faced by treasury teams that need a robust technology solution combined with the domain expertise required to solve their specific FX related problems. We approach these challenges with a powerful and flexible SaaS solution, and the willingness to do the difficult work up front to create a sustainable best-in-class FX risk management program. Our customer service sets us apart from other treasury solution providers, with ongoing consulting included as part of an AtlasFX subscription.

We’ve come across a wide range of FX related challenges. Here are few common concerns:

  • Not having access to or understanding the FX relevant data in the ERP system(s), where transaction currency detail may be buried
  • Being overwhelmed by an army of spreadsheets or other disparate sources of information required to determine FX exposures, both actual and forecasted
  • Not understanding the sources of variance in the month-end hedging results, especially for balance sheet hedging
  • Not being able to bridge the gap between the company’s planning or budget rates/metrics and the actual cash flow hedging results
  • Finding the right balance of what to hedge in a complex portfolio of FX and commodity exposures, with significant hedging costs
  • Efficiently managing the workflow and FX spot risk amongst various hedging programs, internal netting requirements and liquidity needs

If any of these pain points sound familiar and you are ready to finally optimize your balance sheet and/or cash flow hedging programs, help is just a call away.

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