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AtlasFX provides a best-practice FX risk management SaaS platform that is easy to implement, flexible, and affordable. AtlasFX is the only complete end-to-end solution for managing foreign exchange risk, founded by former corporate FX risk managers who understand foreign exchange hedging challenges from the practitioner’s perspective. AtlasFX provides superior FX results analytics that go well beyond what Treasury teams can get from their Treasury Management Systems (TMS). With AtlasFX, treasury teams can significantly:

  • Reduce FX risks
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Save money

Risk Management Services


ERP Exposure Capture

Rapidly capture and manage your FX exposures with AtlasFX with no hassle and access crucial data on:

  • Transaction Currency
  • WAR Report
  • Ghost Balances

FX Forecast Improvement

Reduce FX forecast deviation significantly with AtlasFX using:

  • Build Methodology
  • Seasonality Trends
  • Forecasting KPIs

Workflow Automation

Completely streamline FX risk management with AtlasFX and get:

  • End-to-end solution
  • Excel integration
  • APIs included

FX Trading Optimization

Optimize all aspects of your FX trading with AtlasFX to effectively avoid inefficiency and:

  • Manage liquidity
  • Netting & Triangulation
  • Portfolio Efficient Frontier

Results Analytics

Confidently understand your FX risks and hedging results with ease and gain insightful access to:

  • Balance Sheet results
  • Cash Flow results
  • Counterparty and TCA analysis

FX Accounting

AtlasFX completes the forex risk management lifecycle with FX Accounting that provides:

  • Mark-to-Market
  • Forex Hedge Accounting
  • Consulting Expertise
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