When tackling FX risk management, every organization desires a swift, implement-and-forget solution. However, the reality of FX management is far from simple. Navigating the complexities requires flexible, customizable solutions, which are often challenging to find.

In this Fintech Corner episode, Scott Bilter joined Joseph “JD” Drambarean Trovata’s Chief Product Officer, to delve into the partnership between Trovata and AtlasFX. The collaboration aims to revolutionize liquidity management, providing businesses with a tailored solution that addresses their unique needs. This strategic approach facilitates smarter decision-making for growth.



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About Trovata

Trovata makes it easy for businesses to automate cash reporting, forecasting, analysis, and money movement. By bridging the gap between banks and accounting systems, Trovata helps companies gain powerful insights into their cash flows and facilitates better and quicker business decisions. As an end-to-end fintech platform for managing cash, Trovata collaborates with the world’s largest financial institutions to deliver next-gen banking services. Trovata is based in San Diego, CA.